Whether you’re looking to bulk up, get lean, or anything in between, our group fitness classes allow you to create a custom program for your individual needs and outcomes.

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Build Classes

The weights await. Your body is a temple – let's commence construction.

Infantry Camp Image

Infantry Camp

Soldier through group exercise intervals for a hardcore sweat and shred session. You will up your cardiovascular endurance, build lean muscle, and perfect your coordination.

Sculpted Image


High reps and complete fatigue to move like an athlete and look statuesque. This endurance-based workout applies medium/light weights to build muscle mass one rep at a time.

Mat Pilates Image

Mat Pilates

Lengthen your body by contracting and flexing with a rigorous series as Joseph Pilates intended. Stretch and strengthen your primary core muscle from your shoulders to hips with this new take on calisthenics.

Barre Image


Get a new appreciation for ballerinas with choreographed sequences to tone your limbs and core. These contemporary exercises will add lean muscle with the assistance of lighter weights.

Hard Core Image

Hard Core

The entire core gets some love with fusional moves meant to prevent injuries. You'll focus on strengthening your pelvis, lower back, hips flexors, and abdomen.

Beyond Strength Image

Beyond Strength

Push your body to failure for sets of success. Armed with heavier weights, you'll target multi-muscles simultaneously to tighten up and engage your endurance.

Power Yoga Image

Power Yoga

Vigorous Vinyasa poses to contort and complement your workout along with breathing exercises to detoxify. Expect more challenging arm balances, inversions, and twists with your break work to upgrade your balance, flexibility, and endurance.

Burn Classes

Goodbye calories, hello sweat. It's time to move.

Tabata Image


Welcome to a HIIT workout designed for Olympic skaters and those who love a lightning pace. With eight rounds of max training followed by transition times, this fun flurry of a workout will help you burn untold calories in brief bursts.

Performance Cycling Image

Performance Cycling

Pedal past your best with this data-driven cycling session. With innovative stage consoles, measure your power, distance, and speed as you crush your goals by the numbers.

Rhapsody Cycle Image

Rhapsody Cycle

Ride to the rhythm in this music-fused cycling clinic. Forget the metrics and let the beat drive you with this upgraded spin class incorporating weights.

Zumba® Image


When the gym is your dance floor – flaunt your moves with interval and resistance training. This wildly popular fitness program mashes up Latin and international music with the benefits of aerobic exercise. 

MixxedFit® Image


Jam to this musically infused fitness program. An eclectic playlist scores explosive dancing and toning exercises with this cardio that hits hard to the hits, featuring 40, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, and everything in between.

Athletic Grit Image

Athletic Grit

Optimize your sports performance at four predesigned stations using sand bells, dumbbells, raisers, ropes, and TRX bands to maximize results. Gain power, agility, and speed while prepping the body for the rigors of the field.

HIIT the Track Image

HIIT the Track

A challenging 45-min treadmill class combining fast-slow tempos to condition your body to “HIIT” its perfect stride. Not a runner? This class is the perfect way to introduce your body to running.

Apex Hike Image

Apex Hike

A low-impact hike testing your endurance and strength with resistance-speed HIIT and lightweight upper body training. Ready yourself for a cardio and muscle boost as you redefine 'getting your steps.'

Boxing Image


This fierce yet fun total-body workout mixes traditional kickboxing and mixed martial arts. It’s guaranteed to increase your heart rate as you burn fat and calories. It's also a knockout for reducing stress while improving flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance. Level: Intermediate. *Members need to bring their own straps and gloves.

STRONG Nation Image


STRONG Nation® combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

Recover Classes

Take a breath, stretch and indulge in active recovery.

Vinyasa Yoga Image

Vinyasa Yoga

Build strength and flexibility whether you're a runner, powerlifter, or anyone seeking to clear their mind. Flow from one asana to the next in concert with your breath to build strength and increase flexibility. It's a perfect complement to any athlete’s routine.

Yin Yoga Image

Yin Yoga

Ready yourself for a sleepily-paced style incorporating traditional Chinese medicine with long-lasting asanas. Advanced practitioners may stay in one posture for more than five minutes – how long can you last?

Essentrics Image


Pair strengthening with your stretching. You'll dynamically create a more balanced body, allowing each joint and muscle to manifest their complete range of motion.

Aqua Image


A low-impact, shallow water boot camp-style workout that highly impacts overall health. Step into your water shoes for a boost to your cardiovascular system and fitness – perfect for those seeking weight loss or physical rehab.

Forever Flexibility Yoga Image

Forever Flexibility Yoga

A perfect intro for those with limitations or new to the mat. We cover seated, standing, and inverted postures (asanas) along with extended stretches to build a strong foundation and ready yourself to evolve to the next level.

Regenerative Yoga Image

Regenerative Yoga

Inhale. Now, exhale – a glacial rotation of postures to leave you restored and rejuvenated. You’ll slowly move through a handful of poses for minutes at a time to focus on your breath. This allows for a deeper focus on the surrounding muscles. You'll leave feeling reborn. 

Roll & Recover Image

Roll & Recover

Decrease tissue tension, improve your range of movement and increase your speed and flexibility with a foam rolling trigger point sequence. Perfect for pre or post-workout, this format utilizes myofascial release techniques to prevent or limit aches and pains.


To maximize your group workout experience:

  • Reserve: Book your spot in class online, via the app, or at the front desk.
  • Set-Up: Arrive five minutes before class start time to set up your equipment.
  • Be Timely: Late arrivals will not be allowed after first five minutes.
  • Endure: Stay for the entire class time as early exists disrupt the class flow.
  • Focus: Keep conversations to a minimum.
  • Be Present: Silence or turn off your phones during class.
  • Finish: Wipe down and put away equipment.

Want to learn more or have any questions? Contact our Group Fitness Director, Alexx Griffin.



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