The St. James Performance Academy Powered by TPH The St. James Performance Academy Powered by TPH

The St. James Performance Academy is an academic and athletic training program for middle and high school student-athletes who are committed to excelling both in the classroom and at their chosen sport. By combining the flexibility and customization of a TPH education experience with the unmatched facilities and coaching at The St. James, we are enabling our student-athletes to fully maximize their potential.

Now enrolling for Fall 2024.

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    STUDY: Academic support and facilitation are provided in partnership with Virginia Virtual Academy and K12 Private School
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    TRAIN: High performance strength and conditioning training provided by The St. James
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    PLAY: Sport-specific training provided by The St. James



Each student's schedule is customized to ensure the right balance of academics, athletics and personal development.

8:05 AM | Arrival
8:10 AM | Academics
9:15 AM | Video/Warm-Up
10:00 AM | Sport-Specific Training
11:05 AM | High Performance Training
12:00 PM | Lunch/Break
12:50 PM | Academics
2:50 PM | Activity/Break
3:00 PM | Academics
4:00 PM | Departure


The St. James Performance Academy offers a rich and rigorous, college preparatory academic curriculum provided in partnership with TPH Academy.

  • English: Journalism, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, English Honors, AP® English Literature and Composition
  • History: Anthropology, Sociology II, World Geography, US Government & Politics, AP® US History, AP® Macroeconomics
  • Mathematics: Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry Honors, AP® Calculus AB
  • Science: Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, AP® Biology
  • World Languages: Spanish I, II, III, and French I, II, III
  • Electives: Principles of Business & Marketing, Personal Health, Criminology, Engineering Explorations, Web Design
  • Extracurriculars & Real World Experience: Clubs, Community Service, Guest Speakers, Field Trips, and more!


We are committed to helping our student-athletes achieve their goals by providing a unique opportunity to train during normal school hours within a safe, competitive, and fun environment that includes:

  • Exceptional Coaching
  • Sport-Specific High Performance Training
  • Recovery Amenities
  • Nutritional Guidance

This holistic approach allows athletes to push the boundaries of their athletic potential, without compromising their educational pursuits.


Recent TPH graduates have attended top universities for both athletic and academic purposes.

HarvardYaleBrown UniversityCornell UniversityDartmouthNotre Dame
University of MichiganUniversity of WisconsinBoston CollegeTufts UniversityBoston UniversityOhio State
Northeastern UniversityMichigan StatePenn StateRPIUniversity of New HampshireUniversity of Denver


Conveniently located in Springfield, VA, just outside Washington, DC, The St. James Flagship is a 450,000-square-foot indoor sports complex that offers best-in-class athletic training. Facility highlights include:

  • FIFA-regulation turf field
  • Two NHL-regulation ice rinks
  • Four NBA-regulation basketball courts convertible to volleyball courts
  • 50-meter Olympic-size swimming pool
  • Eight international-regulation singles squash courts
  • Gymnastics training center with competition spring floor, deep foam training pits, Tumbl Trak, rod floors, and in-ground trampolines
  • State-of-the-art Performance Club with luxury locker rooms
  • Athletic Recovery Suite
  • On-site restaurant

Meet Our Academy Director


Is STJ Academy a team, or does it matter what team my child plays on?

While we are one team, The St. James Performance Academy (STJ Academy) is not a sports team. We are an academy where you can focus on your individual skills, while still playing for your current team. This makes for an amazing training environment where our student-athletes build a community with other like-minded student-athletes.

Who are the teachers?

Each student-athlete learns from certified teachers through our customizable virtual platforms, with 24/7 access to virtual tutors. Our on-site Director of Academics and Success Coach(es) are additional resources who cultivate an environment conducive to learning. These multiple layers of support ensure that your student-athlete receives a personalized academic plan, preparing them for the game of life.

What do student-athletes do for strength and conditioning?

Our student-athletes train four days a week in our on-site High Performance Training Center with our coaches.

DID YOU KNOW: student-athletes can receive physical education credit for the training.

Do student-athletes bring their lunches?

Although they are certainly welcome to, we do offer a meal plan through our restaurant, located inside the facility, that includes healthy and delicious options at an affordable price.

What is the attendance policy?

This is one of the primary benefits of The St. James Performance Academy. Traditional systems are not conducive to the lifestyle of the aspiring, elite student-athlete. We understand the travel that sports require and the toll that a season can take on a student-athlete. The beauty of our platform is the flexibility we can provide by operating virtually. Need a recovery day? Stay home! You can do your course work from home, and our staff can send you a home workout. We believe our student-athletes get the most out of their experience by attending on-site, but we understand that may not always be possible. That shouldn't mean school is interrupted, it is simply adapted to meet a student-athlete's needs.

What is the mentorship program?

The goal of our mentorship program is to educate our student-athletes in “the process” of becoming elite. This program is centered around Coach FA's Mentorship Program, and also includes community service, field trips, and guest speakers.

How do you balance the student-athlete's workload?

The St. James Performance Academy is constantly assessing our students' needs and customizing their workloads to best support their paths to success. We require our student-athletes to fill out daily surveys tracking sleep, nutrition, injuries, and more, to provide a holistic view of their physical and mental health, and to assist our staff in accurately and effectively balancing their workload.

Do you support IEP's and 504's?

We can provide support for IEP's and 504's, and our learning environment is designed to support all types of learners and set each student-athlete up for success. Students must complete a determination meeting with our education partner to ensure we can meet their needs.

More questions?

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