Laugh, Learn & Play

Laugh, Learn & Play is The St. James childcare center, exclusive to The St. James members. Members receive up to three hours per day of childcare time. Children can enjoy playtime in our 1,725 square-foot childcare center with a miniature climbing wall, basketball hoop, arts and crafts and more or engage in a variety of class programs.

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Laugh, Learn & Play has introduced new safety protocol, implementing two hour time slots to accommodate regular deep cleaning in between sessions. Venue capacity will be limited to 10 children and there will be a minimum of two masked staff members watching the children at each time.

  • Children are limited to one visit per day.
  • Children 0-2 are not required to wear a face mask. Children ages 3+ will require a face mask.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in LLP and the bathroom will have soap and water for hand washing.
  • Items that are difficult to clean/disinfect will be removed for the time being.
  • Some signature LLP classes may not be available at this time. 


    • Childcare is available in two hour blocks throughout the day. The space is closed between blocks for enhanced disinfecting and sanitization. 
    • Monday - Friday: 9-11 AM, 12-2 PM, 3-5 PM, 6-8 PM
    • Saturday - Sunday: 9-11 AM, 12-2 PM, 3-5 PM

    Make a Reservation

    • To book an appointment, call 703.239.6936 and make a reservation over the phone. 
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    Parents must register in advance for any program, up to one week in advance. No drop-ins are allowed. 

    Questions? Email or call (703) 239-6936.


    Children will be exposed to different learning techniques through signage. They'll learn the ABCs, basic words, animals, food and themed groups. The program is based on improving ways to communicate using body movement, hand-eye coordination, mechanics, cognitive skill development, psychomotor development, and collaboration - all while having fun!

    • Location: Lauren, Learn & Play
    • Age: 4 months - 3 years
    • Spaces Available: 18


    This specialized class will strengthen the senses and focus on multitasking. Our youngest members will bounce to catchy choreographed music while working on various hand manipulation tasks.

    • Location: Laugh, Learn & Play
    • Age: Infant 2mo-14mo
    • Spaces Available: 4


    Learn basic fitness, arts and crafts and kid-friendly introduction to nutrition.

    • Location: Laugh, Learn & Play
    • Ages 5-10
    • Spaces Available: 18


    A kids-inspired fitness program combines fun dance movements with today's kid music hits. They'll learn rhythm, timing and choreography. These workouts are created and carefully crafted with the young-set in mind.

    • Location: Studio A
    • Age: 4-10 years
    • Spaces Available: 18


    PLAY like a Ninja! Jump, climb, vault, swing and run! Fun ways to go over, under and around obstacles. Challenge yourself to new heights with our ParKIDS class!

    • Location: Performance House
    • Ages 5-9 years
    • Spaces Available: 18


    A bodyweight class, with obstacles and movement games. Bring out your inner ninja! Movement games that will help those little bodies build strength and body awareness while working on balance, and agility.

    • Location: Studio A
    • Age: 4-9 years
    • Spaces Available: 18


    Learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They will improve flexibility, learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses. There will be fun games and music incorporated.

    • Location: Yoga Studio
    • Ages: All
    • Spaces Available: 18

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    Matt Rackiewicz

    Director of the Health Club

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    Our kids love the LLP programming! From Kids Yoga, to Sign Language, Rock Climbing and Little Leaders, they are constantly challenged and engaged. Whether it’s building confidence or muscle, the kids...

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