Why You Need a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are for the body-obsessed, the bougie, and the bored.

At least, that's what many people still believe. The reality is distinctly different – working with a personal trainer streamlines your fitness with finesse for more gains in less time, guiding you through the minefield of exercise misinformation to ensure your sweat equity pays dividends.

If you're seeking to shave off pounds, prep for a 5K or marathon, or cross-train for your sport, a personal trainer promises you'll have a sherpa for your fitness Everest. Get into a relationship that works out this season with one of our top trainers now.

Work Out The Right Way 

Everywhere you look, people butcher their exercises. They rely on momentum, fail to move through a full range of motion, pull when they should be pushing, and sling dumbbells that outweigh them in a flailing, failing nightmare. 

Not only is botched training a waste of effort – it's potentially dangerous. The most common casualty is the lower back, and poor form can lead to a raft of injuries that could sideline you for months. A professional trainer course corrects your technique in real-time, so you'll transform in no time.

Accountability and Avoiding Performance Plateaus

Maintaining a training regimen takes monk-like will and discipline. Keeping the motivational fires alive in the wellness space takes kindling, and extinguished energy's responsible for the wave of bailouts every February on the heels of seemingly promising New Year's workout resolutions. 

A fitness program can quickly dissolve a rote series of blah. After the initial enthusiastic burst dissipates, people often lapse into the mindlessness of trudging through the motions while blindly checking off their exercises. Progress can stall. Weight loss may stagnate. 'Am I even getting any stronger?' you may muse. 

Sometimes, you hit a workout wall – but with a personal trainer, you'll break through it.

Bursting out of this purgatory requires recalibrating your training program, recovery protocol, and nutrition plan. Reanimate your routine by making it anything but – your trainer will bring renewed energy and focus to your reps and sets that best align with your needs.

Expert Advice + A Working Relationship

Everyone's got an opinion on exercise – much of this chatter is reductionist bro-pseudoscience. Whether spouting the faulty logic of targeting your fat burn to the false gospel of crunches as the end-all-be-all of core moves, it's easy for the uninitiated to be led astray by such red herrings. People end up doing exercises that not only don't help but could hurt them.  

Consider your next certified personal trainer as your beacon of light, instilling with you the latest insights and developments in training, nutrition, and recovery, equipping you with moves ready-made for you.

"As a trainer at The St. James, I'm practically everything to my clients – a coach, guide, teacher, cheerleader, therapist, and friend. Our work doesn't end in the weight room – if they ever need anything, I'm only a text away."

- Ali Kazmi, Director of Personal Training, Performance Club Reston

Our trainers start with a complete body composition analysis and movement screen to establish your baseline, set realistic goals, and develop a customized program. They're there for you between sessions as well, in constant contact to cater to all your needs and questions, and will keep tabs on sleep, stress, and diet logs for a holistic portrait of your health. 

Meet Your New Trainer

Whether you're a new mother looking for a post-pregnancy bounce back, a hustling professional seeking to stay sharp not only on the field but in the boardroom, or a young athlete going for the ultimate better-faster-stronger optimization, our trainers are the answer to your workout prayers.

With the holidays fast approaching, we're all reminded we don't get to pick our families – but thankfully, you can choose your trainer. It's time to match with yours today.

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