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Learn to Play Volleyball : Spikers 1

Spikers 1 focuses on developing athletic skills: balance, agility, coordination and speed. Our introductory volleyball programs focus on the basic physical movements and basic athletic skills for young children to excel later in their athletic career.

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Learn to Play: Spikers 2

Spikers 2 are for athletes 8-12 years old that have gone through Spikers 1. Refresh and enhance skills, incorporate game play, and practice game like movements to the ball with partners.

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Hybrid 1

Our Hybrid 1 Program will focus on movement, mastering skills, building confidence, learning concepts, court zones, and general positions. Hybrid 1 will be for athletes that are 12-16 years old that have no experience, or are coming from Spikers 2.

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Hybrid 2

The Hybrid 2 Program will focus on skill work, movement to the ball, 3 touches, implementing volleyball IQ, and strategy. Hybrid 2 will be for athletes that are 12-16 years old that are coachable, have rec experience, or that are coming from Hybrid 1.

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