Reshaping Your Workout Routine

It's 9 a.m. on Friday. You're running your kids to summer school, Zoom meeting at 10, two reports due yesterday, the house is a mess, and you need to plan Labor Day weekend. And that's before lunchtime. Add in all the other chores that desperately need doing, and the endless to-do list immediately zaps your energy.

In an increasingly busy world, it's more important than ever to find a little slice of time to look after yourself and flood your body with those oh-so-necessary endorphins - and give you the endurance you need for marathons days.

What if working out could be so seamless that it fit into even the most frantic schedules? Enter The St. James. Here, we believe a workout routine is essential to anyone's lifestyle, no matter how hectic. So if this harried morning scenario sounds all too familiar, discover how the facilities and range of expertly coached classes at TSJ can give you the body and mind to handle all that life throws at you. 

How The St. James Provides the Best Workout Experience  

When you commit to taking care of your physical and mental health through working out, we want to reward that decision by providing only the best facilities, top-level group classes, and different types of training to suit your needs. 

Build, Burn, and Recover 

At The St. James, our classes comprise three groups, all tailored to a particular fitness component. Choose between our Build, Burn, or Recover programs.


When you partake in our Build classes, our expert coaches help you build the foundations for your workout growth. The movements here give you the fitness bedrock to work out regularly and eventually intensify your workouts as you progress. Some of our most popular Build

 classes include Infantry Camp, Sculptured, Mat Pilates, and Beyond Strength. The Build group workout sessions create strength and flexibility, teaching you the movements required for some of our more advanced classes. 


As the name suggests, you'll burn calories and put your muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness to the test. These classes will help you step up and intensify your workouts, challenging your baseline but helping you achieve your fitness goals. If you want results, look no further. Our Burn classes include Tabata, Performance Cycling, Rhapsody Cycle, Zumba, Mixedfit, Fun-xional Dance, Athlete Grit, HIIT the Track, Apex Hike, and Boxing. 


Once you've built the foundations with our Build classes and upped the intensity in our Burn sessions, it's time to Recover. These sessions help your body recharge, remain flexible, and regenerate quicker. The recovery process is just as important as the workout, and why so many top athletes spend considerable time optimizing their post-game regimen. 

Our classes use movements to aid flexibility, alignment, and mobility, including Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Aqua, Athletic Yoga, Forever Flexibility, and Regenerative Yoga. Check out all our Group Fitness options to customize your training and never get bored. 


Here at The St. James, we have two memberships (going on three) to fit everyone's needs in the DMV.  


With our flagship membership, you'll have access to The St. James Complex, located at 6805 Industrial Road, Springfield. The flagship membership grants you access to our:

  • Performance Club
  • Sports Venues Active 
  • Entertainment Waterpark
  • Vim & Victor Restaurant
  • Courted Spa

The 50,000-square-foot complex is a super-modern workout paradise, allowing you to reshape your routine completely. You'll have access to our classes, fitness areas, and lifestyle facilities. 

Performance Club 

Although our main complex includes a performance center within it, it may not be that convenient for you to visit if you live across the city. Thankfully, we have a performance center with all the bells and whistles of the larger complex located at 6828 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20815. The Bethesda Performance Club includes:  

  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Cycling
  • Short-course lap pool
  • Vim & Victor Wellness Bar

The Strivers App 

All memberships include access to our online platform, the Strivers App. This dedicated fitness app helps optimize your workout routine. Digital training, coaching, and streaming workouts provide insights to maximize your efforts. The Strivers App allows you to: 

  • Build strength with weights, bands, or resistance
  • Burn calories with HIIT sessions
  • Recover and restore your body with flexibility and mobility work

For more information on choosing the best membership for you, please get in touch with us today. 

A New Body of Work

Flashback to that busy morning: the one with the endless to-do list — shuttling the kids to schools, catching up with work, and getting those final Zoom meetings out of the way. Only this time, everything is a little easier. Now, you breeze through the day-to-day with a spring in your step, new vigor, and endurance for everything life throws at you, anticipating challenges and handling them deftly - because you took the time to invest in yourself at The St. James. 

Whether enrolled in a Build, Burn, or Recover class, you'll go from low energy and not having enough time to workout to having a game-changing fitness routine integral to your lifestyle. Please get in touch with us if you're serious about taking care of yourself and want to kickstart your workout regimen today. We'd love to advise you on all we offer and which membership will suit your needs.