Introducing NCAA Star Kristen Carr: Our New Girls Lacrosse Director

There's a new Sports Director in town.

We're proud to announce Kristen Carr as the new Girls Lacrosse Director at The St. James. Kristen bolsters STJ's team of coaches known for their NCAA pedigree standards with her prolific experiences in elevating girls' lacrosse teams' performance in Division 1 play.

Athletic Director Melissa Coyne feels like Christmas has come early:

"We're committed to hiring experts like Kristen with a history of helping young players realize their future with success at the loftiest levels of the sport. Her background as a world-class player at the collegiate and international level and significant Division 1 coaching experience demonstrate her dedication to sharing her knowledge and passion for the sport and commitment to the next generation of great lacrosse players. And it doesn't hurt that she's a fellow Tar Heel."

Kristen's fire for all things lacrosse will weld The St. James girls' lacrosse program into a top-tier training experience for all levels.

Meet a Competitive Athlete and Dedicated Girls' Lacrosse Leader

Kristen's an athletic journeywoman with a sparkling resume. She graduated from the University of North Carolina in 2010, earning her First Team IWLCA All-America honors as a senior when she led the nation's third-ranked defense, eventually graduating as the program leader. 

On a competitive level, Kristen starred as a starting defender on the US National Lacrosse team since 2008, winning gold medals in the 2013 and 2017 FIL World Cups. She also played with The Pride, a WPLL (Women's Professional Lacrosse League), and currently plays with Athletes Unlimited, a pro sports league network.   

As a committed coach, Kristen has inspired young lacrosse players as a defensive and recruiting coordinator at Ohio State and spent four eventful seasons with the Stanford Cardinals, securing the 2018 PAC-12 Championship. Kristen also served in the John Hopkins coaching staff, running the Blue Jay offense and working with the center draw specialists.

Taking The Girls' Lacrosse Team To New Heights

Kristen's extensive lacrosse experience aligns with the core values at The St. James, where every player receives custom training for peak performance in a fun, engaging environment where teamwork and dynamics play an integral role in defining overall success. 

Under Kristen's leadership and direction, members of the STJ girls' lacrosse and women's lacrosse teams will receive professional support and insightful strategies to optimize their technical abilities while nurturing a profound love for the sport.

With this change, we pass the ceremonial lacrosse stick to Kristen. She continues the previous Director Stacey Williams's dedicated work in creating a cornerstone for the program with ten years of coaching experience. Kristen aims to continue nurturing and building a harmonious lacrosse community at The St. James while seeking new opportunities to develop the skills and performance of each player position within the field.

Girls' Lacrosse Leagues at The St. James

As Director of STJ'S girls' lacrosse league, Kristen will be pivotal in shaping the regional, international, and collegiate training programs along with our Recreation Youth Lacrosse Program and Hybrid 40/40 League.

Kristen's leadership will continue the storied reputation of The STJ girls' lacrosse club has remained one of the top teams in the country, constantly outperforming competitors on the field. STJ's girls' lacrosse team has clinched second place for three consecutive years at the augural US Lacrosse U15 National Championships.

Join The Top Girls' Lacrosse Team at STJ

STJ provides diverse training opportunities for NCAA-level girls' lacrosse teams. The platform's comprehensive programs cater to various lacrosse groups, including the Girls Development Lacrosse Academy Training.  

Aside from its stellar coaching team, STJ caters to competitive settings suited for players of all ages and needs. The St. James Field House offers a climate-controlled turf field venue with quality locker rooms and stadium seats that provide an immersive lacrosse-playing experience.

With Kristen heading the girls' lacrosse division, aspiring players can benefit from the invaluable guidance of a professional athlete on a competitive level. Members and participants will access an optimized training experience designed to engage, empower, and achieve success through a continuous passion for a time-honored sport.

Have your girls start training with the STJ girls' lacrosse and women's lacrosse team, and look into our year-round membership and training schedules to suit your sporting needs. Your daughters can become part of the future of Girls and Women lacrosse today.