Fall Sports For Kids: A Winning Experience For Your Children On and Off The Field

Athletic Benefits for Your Kids

If you think sports might be an antidote to the disconnect of Zoom classes and remote education over the past two pandemic years – you're not alone. And your kids don't have to be, either. Per the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition Science Board, 73% of parents believe sports benefit their kids' overall physical and mental health, boosting fitness levels, emotional control, and social well-being. Here's the impressive stat sheet of mental health benefits for those on team rosters:

● Reduced stress

● Improved self-esteem 

● Increased life satisfaction 

● Higher confidence levels 

● Less anxiety and depression

COVID nearly eliminated social interaction for your children, meaning they’ve spent a lot of time away from kids their age. Thankfully, it’s time to reconnect – and there's never been a better time to enroll your children in fall athletic programs. 

Competitive sports create a mini community for kids, a place beyond home and school where they can feel like they belong and thrive. They'll pick up the capacity to collaborate and cooperate with their peers, evaluate their skills versus others' and be able to strategize best when faced with adversity. 

There's an innate togetherness of being on a team, as the bonds of the squad endure far beyond the final whistle, and those connections transcend the field, court, or rink. As teammates become real mates, youth sports feature an all-star lineup of life skills:

● Leadership qualities

● Discipline and accountability of training

● Pride of tapping into one's talents and evolving

● The virtue of losing gracefully

Along with the intangible perks, there are real-life opportunities unlocked by hundreds of thousands of athletic scholarships as they age, giving kids the route to higher education and untold professional chances later in life.

And in an increasingly digital world, the analog benefits of a sporting life for your children are clear. Kids need to move more than fingertips across a screen. Give them the cardio they need for their body and mind so they'll sleep well (meaning you will too). Our coaches know how to turn sports and training sessions fun while interjecting fitness fundamentals: 

● Improved cardiovascular fitness 

● Muscular development 

● Bone strength and growth 

● Muscular endurance 


Sports at The St. James

Even though The St. James has an elite approach, don't expect drill-sergeant coaches looking to churn your kids through an athlete assembly line. We're about reminding the next generation of student-athletes what they're capable of as they fall in love with the game. We know that your child’s connection to the sport and their team hinges on their rapport with their coach, and our staff creates a healthy, inclusive learning ecosystem where your kids will shine. No matter the score, we ensure a winning experience.

You and your family can enhance your sports experience by becoming a member. You'll get 20% off all sports programming, access to the indoor playground utopia of Super, Awesome & Amazing, and entry into our epic Waterpark. As a parent, you can proudly cheer your kids on from the sidelines or explore the amenities, whether a meal at Vim & Victor or me-time at Courted. 

The perks of youth sports are extensive, and participating in athletics is essential to your child's development. Not only in a sporting sense but as an integral part of their overall physical, social, and mental growth. And, oh right, it's super fun.