10 Epic Reasons to Choose The St. James Summer Camps

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Dive into the adventure of a lifetime with The St. James Summer Camps—awarded Best Camp in the DMV three years in a row!

Here's why you can't miss out:

  1. So Many Options: We've got summer camps for every vibe! Whether you're a sports fanatic, adventure seeker, or future fitness guru, there's a camp with your name on it.
  2. Indoor Playground: Our state-of-the-art indoor sports facility is the ultimate playground. From courts to climbing walls, we've got all the gear for non-stop fun, perfect for those sweltry days!
  3. Expert Guides: Get ready to level up with our pro coaches and guides. They'll unleash your potential while making sure you're having a blast every step of the way.
  4. Character Boost: Camp isn't just about skills—it's about building character too! Dive into teamwork challenges, leadership games, and more, all designed to make you unstoppable.
  5. Safety First, Fun Always: Parents, relax! Our top-notch camp staff keeps things safe while your kids soak up the adventure. It's all about fun, with a side of peace of mind.
  6. Friendship Power: Get ready to meet your summer squad! Forge friendships that'll last way beyond the final game. At The St. James, friends are forever.
  7. Fuel Your Fun: Chow down on top-notch grub with our gourmet lunches included. Fresh, tasty, and ready to power you through your next big adventure.
  8. Flexibility, Sorted: Busy schedule? No problem! With before and after-care options, fitting camp into your day is a breeze. We've got your back, parents!
  9. Easy Peasy Transportation: Say goodbye to travel stress! We offer rides from key spots like Eastern Market/Capitol Hill, Georgetown, and Navy Yard. Getting to camp has never been smoother.
  10. Memories for a Lifetime: Brace yourself for the summer of a lifetime! From epic challenges to triumphant victories, every moment at The St. James is one you'll treasure forever.

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