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Before you can walk, you must crawl. And before you dance, you should know what you're doing. The good news is that children have an innate rhythm and lack of self-consciousness that lends itself to the art form. Our dance studio welcomes all beginners looking to add form, technique, and purpose to their natural moves.

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Dance Classes
The St. James dance studio is equipped for professional level training in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary techniques. Our programs promote well-rounded, healthy and versatile dancers with the technical standards and artistic flair to set them apart while also preparing them up for success on and off the stage. 
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Dance & Gymnastics Summer Camp
Founded on classic techniques and strength training, our gymnast camp provides an unparalleled experience, from the parallel bars to the mats. And our dancing camp blends technical standards with stylish flair to ready your kids for glory on and off the stage.
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Dance, Gymnastics, & Ice Skating Summer Camp
Welcome to your summer on the move – pirouettes, cartwheels, and double axels for all the future performers you're raising. They'll elevate their natural style, grace, and grit with expert instruction to sharpen their skills and finish their day smiling.
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One Day Dance & Ice Skating Combo Camp
If your child is looking to try a variety of sports this winter, look no further than The St. James’ Dance & Skate Combo camp. This camp offers children ages 6-15 the opportunity to receive expert instruction in dance, and ice skating all in one! Campers will learn the basics of each sport and will improve technique and boost confidence.
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Private Lessons
No matter your experience level, our dance instructors will help you become a better dancer. Private coaching is available in a variety of dance modalities.
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