Pilates Reformer

The reformer was invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates. The unique design of the carriage and springs allow for a variety of exercises that promote strength, length, flexibility, and balance. The reformer utilizes pushing and pulling forces to shape muscles and build strength. Pilates is ideal for adults of all ages as the reformer adjusts to a range of different body sizes and skillsets.


Semi-Private Classes (Up to 4 participants)

  • Drop-in/Single Rate: $40/class
  • Package of 4: $152
  • Package of 8: $264
  • Package of 12: $360

One on two Instruction

  • 4 pack: $276
  • 8 pack: $528

*Reservations Required

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Full Studio Private One-on-One Pilates Instruction

  • Intro Package: $185 for 3
  • Single Session: $96
  • Package of 4: $368
  • Package of 8: $704

*Based on availability

To schedule a demo, book a private Pilates session or to join a group class, please contact Jordan Moak

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